Can someone actually explain something to me

Like am I dumb or do these hashtags make absolutely no sense at all and none of the posts inside the hashtags have any relation to them? I’m very confused what’s going on in byte right now.


I think the point is they are nonsense bc they are AI generated? But yeah i also don’t know what tchernobyl soup is


I think it’s just really easy to get a tag up there (@horndizz posted like 3 or 4 pepperidge farm bytes and it got put up) and then everyone starts using them because its a trending tag I guess.

But yeah, they make no sense to me either.

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Why is it making me so mad that nobody understands the hashtags they are using lmfao


I’ve never felt more out of touch with the youth


I didn’t actually start the tag, they are AI generated and probably completely random, but not sure @bleach_dispenser @Beegenics

Ikr I just don’t understand anything hahaha

Oh I thought it was after your bytes it got trending! :sweat_smile:

I’m just rolling with it, but yeah, it’s kind of discouraging when you can’t follow a valid trend to get engagement. I know they are working on it. Just have to be patient. :person_in_lotus_position:t2:

It’s starting to seen like Harrah’s are pointless if they are never being used accurately

:joy: seeing these made me feel old and I’m not THAT old

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Ya it’s one thing for random stuff like I can vibe for that but the problem is people make a totally irrelevant post on it so they can clout chase without “playing the game”. I didn’t click on a. Random hashtag for your follow me please post


Guess you could say wierd :smirk:

Hashtag and category abuse is rampant

Lots of content going up that has those trending hashtags just to get noticed. Come on people


i hope y’all know what Chernobyl is :eye::eye: