Can some moderation come back plz 🥺

I understand people were upset because they felt that the channel mods were a bit too strict, but now with the moderation being almost completely gone/paused, and the sudden influx of new users, the categories are being abused like craaaaazy. I’m hoping there’s some sort of middle ground/Goldie Locks bowl of porridge level of modding that can be put in place. :pray: ((: I’m sure that’s the eventual plan but wanted to mention it now anyway.

Thanks byte team :heart: I hope we’re not giving you whiplash with the conflicting requests lol


At this point, byte should just let it settle. It’s kind of a crazy coincidence that this all happened at the same time, right after they removed moderation

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I’d have to go back and look at what time Dom posted that but I think there were already talks of a possible TikTok ban, so it looks to me like they foreshadowed this (maybe not to this extent, but they likely knew some people were going to migrate and they wouldn’t be able to moderate effectively).

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