Can NEVER log in on Android if account created with Apple ID?

After finding out Byte was finally available, I quickly downloaded the app first on iOS while at work. I signed in with my Apple ID, re-created my Vine screen name, set up my profile, re-uploaded my old Vine videos, added a new video, added some friends, etc. Basically got pretty well-established.

When I got home, I grabbed my Android device and downloaded the app. There is no option to sign in with my Apple ID. When I sign in with Google (which just happens to be the same exact email address as my Apple ID), it treats me like a new user. I’m given the option to create a new screen name and make a new account.

Is there no way to link accounts on Byte? Is there no way to use Apple ID sign-in on the Android version of the app?

Am I forever blocked from using my account on Android?

It seems like a pretty big oversight to limit some accounts to a single platform. Shouldn’t there have been a warning that creating an account with Apple would block you from using the account on other devices?

Do the developers even know this is an issue?


I know this sounds bad but Apple requires all new apps to have sign-in with apple now and I don’t believe there is any way for that usage to be used on an android device.



From that developer link:

“it works in any browser, which means you can deploy it on your website and in versions of your apps running on other platforms”

Singing in with an Apple ID is supported for Android apps.

So is the lack of Apple sign-in on Byte on Android a bug or developer oversight?

I can sign into Adobe Reader on iOS with my Apple ID and get into the same account that I’m logged into with Adobe Reader on Android.

Even if Apple ID authentication isn’t directly supported by an app or service, the company running the service can still link accounts.


we’re going to add apple ID support to android. just missed the cutoff for lauch :slight_smile:


Oh, thank you!


Well Can you Also Add Normal Signup/Login Options on Android so I Don’t Have to Use Google Account when I Signup…


Suki the Hyper Fox.


I also made the mistake of signing up with my Apple ID. iPad + Android cel. Would love to link accounts together

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hey, this is still not added? Would be nice to get it soon

I Think Google & Android Team won’t make this possible anytime soon… If it goes.