Can I put this on my resume?

How do YouTubers describe their work experience? Or other soc med creators? Can you add this to your creds?


I would definitely add YouTube to a resume, as long as you have proof that you have work experience. Also, depends what type of job you’re applying for…


i would only put significant accomplishments down.

example: have created ### videos reaching ### loops and ### unique visitors. my overall engagement rate is ###.


You can add social media accounts to your resume but it depends on what type of job you are going for.

(As an art major its encouraged by my professors and advisor in this digital age hehe)


Depends on the application, but I use euphemisms such as “digital media producer” and “social media marketing.”

That might be something to include in a cover letter.

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That does sound better… But I usually apply for programming work

I think you can do one better… Ask them what their top core principle is and make a business friendly Byte about THAT principle. Then you can send them that Byte and ask them what they think about it.

What would be cool too is make a Byte and say the core value of Byte is CREATIVITY FIRST and the name of the COMPANY is BYTE APP and the site is and here is a BYTE I made about it. When I asked about putting BYTE on my resume this guy named Steven Musielski challenged me to make a BYTE about BYTE and their principle of “CREATIVITY FIRST” and here is the Byte I made about BYTE and the principle of CREATIVITY FIRST.