Can I get like 10 followers on instagram?

Hey guys, I don’t wanna seem lame, though I am sure it is too late, I am almost at 400 followers on Instagram. I put a lot into my gram, and just don’t feel like I am getting any closer to where I want to be? If you peep my account and laugh or get turned on or whatever, following it might be cool.

:arrow_right: @theunofficialkila :arrow_left:

On a side note, how have you guys developed followers on Instagram? What have you done to build a decent following? Do you just know a lot of people, post great content, or just gathered the followers without doing anything special. Let me know, and if you mention your instas Ill peep them, I might not follow but Ill give you some juicy likes! <3

Sure, followme :instagram: @thomybalca

I got involved in my local community and meet people irl I found on ig, I use hashtags with under half a million posts each (when I have time for research), I post in the morning as consistently as possible, I tag repost accounts. I network using an app called “muses” (a lot of beauty bloggers but some fashion people too) and follow the instagram posse facebook page.

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