Can Everyone Stop Hating?!

1st off: Let me say, Their is probably a topic about this but I couldn’t find it…(feel free to post it below)

2nd : I’ve been barely coming on here because the vibe has gone a little sour with some users. Making/Asking comments such as:

  • "Can we ban Logan Paul/Jake Paul/Lele Pons, (and endless other old viners)?"
  • "Do you think they’ll be a bunch of users because I wanna be number one?"
  • "I hope (insert person) doesn’t come back because they’re already famous."
  • "Please don’t have algorithms."
  • "No more lip-syncing comedy, please!"
  • "I don’t want kids on the platform!"

…and various others.

I think it’s cool to have your opinion but you have to realize that everyone may not agree with your decision.
The various talents is what make platforms unique.

People have different talents.
People have different hobbies.
People may have based their entire V2 Channel on exactly something you’re knocking.

Just focus on yourself, your talents and what you’re going to do for V2.
Because if you wanna be the very best and enjoy your V2 experience, you need to be focused on yourself and
what you’re bringing to the “V2 Table.”

Because trust me, when it drops…it will be monumental.
Also, show love to one another.
I know everyone wants to be at the top but being greedy and self-centered will only get you so far.
Support each other, stop hating, and get TF to work!

My 2 cents.


I say if you’re going to gripe, make it funny. Otherwise, you’re not bringing anything new to the table. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, I agree.

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Definitely agree with this, it should be a platform for anyone, posting whatever content they like :slight_smile:


Well… almost whatever content they like.

You know what I mean, still following the rules


yes tytyty!!! I’ve been saying this for ages :joy: thanks for making it a post!

(tbh idk why I didn’t think of that :joy:)

Well, what are the rules?

Well, we don’t know them yet but you can probably have a rough guess at what will not be allowed on v2


Idk, I’m actually not 100% on that. Are there going to be certain types of humor that won’t be allowed that will cause controversy? What about philosophical content that might be controversial? Idk, it’s an interesting topic for me, so actually, I don’t know what you mean because controversy will always be looked at differently by different people.

I guess I’m saying a rough guess isnt enough.

It’s all I can give you I’m afraid

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A rough guess should be just fine for now; we’ll be given full sets of rules and allowances once v2 is released. Until then it’s safe to assume a rough guess of the usual rules such as those employed by vine, youtube, etc.


Very well said by the way, @sydknoxx


Well said, @sydknoxx! You’re right - just because someone doesn’t like a specific genre or artist doesn’t mean that genre or artist shouldn’t have a chance on v2. While lip-syncing certainly isn’t for everyone, there are plenty of people who enjoy that sort of thing (remember when got popular?), and thus, it should be welcomed as content in v2.

The same goes for other genres as long as that content does not violate the rules of v2 (whenever those rules are stated).


Lol, well I wouldn’t have to gripe if we could all just chill :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, thing is, those usual rules seem to be changing, or at least becoming much more refined these days. Not a bad or good thing, but I’m left wondering what’s next.

That goes without saying. It’s just common sense. Don’t do things that hurt, exploit, or is racist towards anyone. The basic things. Act like a human being and not some person who just simply doesn’t give a rats ass. Ya know? We all have our opinions on what is hurtful and what is not, but a good rule of thumb is not to cross a racial border or be demeaning to one another.


Yeah, I think the racial border is going to be the tough part. What does that mean? “Crossing boundaries” seems like a great thing to do tbh, and the idea of a “racial border” actually seems like something that shouldn’t be there. But I understand the need for respect. Idk, I just think it starts to get complicated when we all want to be connected. Hopefully the community will be strong and vibrant, but in order to do that, it has to be a place where people can be real and I guess I see it more as barriers need to be crossed in some fashion. It’s just that shits gonna happen one way or another, and people will get hurt no matter what, even if certain guidelines are kept. I just wonder if the V2 folk will respond in a spirit of compromise. I think that’s what keeps a community strong.

I completely understand what you mean, it can be very difficult to pin down an exact set of rules these days with things changing like this, but it’s the basics of it that are compiled into a rough surmise of rules that can be expected to give us the rough guess for the time being, which is all any of us have to go on. Once v2 is released however, I’m sure we’ll have a far better grasp on the rules as they’re written up. If you wanted to extrapolate on the ‘expected’ more so though, I imagine the rules will be a more in-depth, content based version of the rules and community guidelines here. Keep things SFW where possible, be respectful of others, no explicit or offensive content, no outright hating, etc, etc.

Until then though, basic guidelines and rough guesses are all anyone has, which for now should be plenty since there’s no app to post on yet, so no videos to be breaking as of yet unwritten rules. I hope this helped you until the v2 rules are released officially, though.


I do agree barriers need to be crossed to move forward, but not everyone goes about it in the right fashion. Their are ways to go about touchy subjects like this. So sometimes, it’s better to “stay safe” and have rules, because this way you reach a bigger audience and have a better chance in communicating with people in a more positive manner. It’s one thing to have a racial joke and another to be completely insensitive to certain topics, especially in todays age. Basic guidelines are always a must. This is essential in a community and yes, it’s good to be connected. People don’t get on social media not be…

It’s only hard, if you make it :wink: