Can dom be sued by the fake app

I don’t know any legal stuff about this, but I was wondering if when dom releases the real app can the owner of the fake one sue because he released his first?


That’s tough to figure out. Pretty sure the fake owner would need copyright over the V2 name, as well as evidence of their application having very obvious similarities to the official V2 app (so it would not be wise to since they can be sued instead of Dom)


I don’t think so because Dom wasn’t the creator of the fake v2 app.

Nope as there was proof that v2 thought of the name first and started working on the project before it was even released. Also, the v2 forums were put online before they made the fake v2 apps.


Dom never trademarked the name v2. If the creator of the fake app did, then dom will have to use another name. However the fact that Dom never trademarked the name ‘v2’ shows that the app won’t be called ‘v2’ and that ‘v2’ is just a placeholder name for now (which is good I guess since most people dislike the name v2).


Now that you mention it, that could be a good thing for branding a better app name. Maybe Dom would have something better to offer; regardless, if Dom’s plan is to trademark V2, he better do that soon before it gets bad

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We would have to know the copyright and if Dom retrieve the name “V2” before the others

Definitely not. There’s so much evidence that he was creator of vine, and was working on v2 before the fake app came out

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Interesting one. Hopefully he’s already taken the copyright of V2, but if not it may be more complicated :thinking:.
If there were a court case though (unlikely but still), I think dom would most likely win

Technically yes. They released it first and there is no hard proof @dom v2 exists.

I told my friend v2 was already copyrighted but I actually don’t really know I would hope Dom has all legal basis’s covered so the owner of the fake v2 app can’t copyright it. That guy has proven he’s got money too, idk if you’ve see Instagram but there have been promoted/sponsored v2 ad post which is unfortunate because people think it’s real.