Can disabled people make it big on byte

can disabled people make it big on byte and did vine had any disabled stars


Anyone can make it big.
I don’t remember.


Yes, the app is for everyone, there many influencers who are disabled my favorite being Zach Anner


as long as people make good content and have a bit of luck they can make it big


Really anyone can make it. It all matters on content and a bit of luck like @flo said


i think BIg Nik was disabled and he made it

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Of course.

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They have the chance. If they have the will and the determination for shire they’ll make it

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of course anyone can make it big! as long as someone has a passion and talent, thats all that matters

i think there were viners with disabilities who made it big, big nik being one of them


i’m colorblind and i hope that my disability won’t hinder my chances of making it big on byte. I know it’s gonna be a lot harder for me but i must push through this disability and make a statement for me and all other people that are colorblind that only dream of a normal life like the rest of you. u can donate to my gofundme pls and thank u #iwillneverseeblurple #thisissosad #despacito


Regardless of your abilities, you can become anything. Don’t lose hope. :smile:

Dwarf Mamba was a pretty successful viner with dwarfism.


“I…I got dwarf problems

Maybe there will be some accessibility options to help assist with that.

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I think that might happen since he already mentioned a left handers mode

Left-handed people aren’t disabled though :joy::joy:

But I get what you mean.


I have Asperger’s so I see a lot of people have made it big on you tube with that so hope to do same on byte

hey it is possible i am too or somewhere on the spectrum, im going to eventually get diagnosed. so i kno how u feel

Yeah I was saying that was one feature he was adding so if he add’s that then he might also make a feature for people with disabilities.

Whether someone is disabled or not makes absolutely no difference in getting big on byte. As long as they have that same amount of motivation and dedication that @justinnovoa has, then they should definetely be able to make it big on byte.