Can devs make /food

Anger the teens so that mom will listen

(fr though, WHY is it so hard for them to just… make a channel?)

Also devs had time to change the title of my thread but not time to make /food


They tryna appeal to us because they wanna retain an audience for once. But I would like an /food


Not disregarding the OG byters but the influx byte has gotten this past 3 days is kinda insane


I’ll also bump my own thread until it gets locked/unlisted

I didn’t feel ~~discriminated against~~ as an old user until they started dropping 15 new channels a day, none of them /food. @dom why? Tell us why you’re closed…

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aight so spamming other channels aint the best idea. you can suggest it here (and theres an option in app to suggest it). the dev/design team isnt the biggest, so it takes a bit longer than expected. also, they are currently working on redoing the explore page, so maybe their efforts are on that. or maybe it just didnt cross their mind, or maybe they didnt see enough food videos yet.

try not to be aggressive, just ask if you can get /food. and suggest it through the app or to their twitter (the actually listen to a lot on twitter). just asking everyone to be respectful :))


Perfectly understandable, fish where the fish are, but why not drop like ONE channel for grandpa?

We’ve been asking for months.myself and many others have formally submitted that suggestion form.

They probably will but rn they’re kinda redesigning everything :joy:


i mean we’ve asked for a lot and just now got it. they prob have a lot on their hands rn. im sure itll be added soon. gaming and art wasnt added till bout a week ago


Feel like I’m screaming into the wind on this…

K sorry

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you’re good, i mean i also wanna see a food channel as well, and im sure a buncha ppl would find good use for it


I would love it if the devs just randomly gave us food

Devs won’t make /food because they caint cook
Devs can’t temp red meat by touching it
Devs scald tbe bottom of the rice but the top is still crunchy
Devs burn themselves getting the lean cuisine out the michaelwave

(this is me talking crap in jest)

not as many as /harrystyles and /frogs, perhaps…

Lol I know this is a small thing to be bitter about, but come on.

There was a cooking channel for a while, but it got yanked I think.

can it be called /foodporn


Oof no thank you. It makes me uncomfortable when things have that naming format

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What about Foodhub?

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