Can artists that use curse words not be completely blocked out by v2 like youtube does

One thing I hate is youtube tries to make their app family friendly so if you say one curse word youtube just completely blocks you and doesn’t recommend your content to anyone
There’s so many youtubers that don’t get the attention they deserve just cause they say curse words in their videos
I just want to know if your going to make v2 a family friendly app I think it’s stupid that youtube does that cause they have a youtube kids app for a reason
I just think as long as your not cursing directly at someone (bullying or making fun of someone else on the app) then you shouldn’t be in trouble or completely blocked and not recommended for it…
It should be fair for any content

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Maybe there could be a setting that users could use if they would like to see certain content.

That’s YouTube’s problem, why implement that on this app?

I agree with this & I think somebody mentioned a filter for what type of vines you see and I think that should be in place too

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Kinda just mentioning what’s ruining youtube so this app won’t have to be ruined by the same