Can anyone please explain this to me?

So whenever I’m watching a YouTube livestream I see these pop up whenever someone comments. Can someone tell me what it is or what it means?image

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That those people donated some money to the creator.

I usually watch a youtuber that when streams usually has around 80-120k people watching and he accepts money from different countries,


Also, that’s called super chat, so the streamer can watch your comment

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How exactly do you do that?

Here you can learn it all

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Those are the amounts of money people have donated to streamers. You can also become a sponsor now I think

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It is pretty awesome. And not only the streamer gets to watch your comment and reply but everyone as well.

They are the people who dontate money to the channel who is in a livestream

In my country they are persons that they steal money from their viewers saying if they donate $40 usd ($800 arg) they will mentioned on a instagram story and if they donate $50 or $55 usd they will follow on their instagram. On the livestream of this persons they are 20k or more viewers so they earn a lot of money and most of the viewers are kids under 14 years.
In a livestream maybe they earn $2500 usd

Those are people who have money to waste. I wish I had money to waste. I would buy a burger from Wendy’s instead of McDonalds…

Hahahah or go to KFC, i love KFC but in my city they’re not here

That’s tragic.

Hahaha :rofl:

Lol, I wouldn’t give them a $ . But the ones I watch get a lot of money.

Ohh, I forgot that your Latin, maybe you know him. ElRubiusOMG

That reminds me of YouNow :thinking:

I only used YouNow once, because there weren’t many people in it when it started :v so I don’t know how it was :see_no_evil:

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I used to be on there daily, but now I was like ehhh

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