Camera to add music and sound effects?

Hello All!

I wanted to propose an offer to @dom and the V2 staff.

For quite sometime now I’ve been working on an application called Metronome. The concept behind metronome was to build a tool that would allow artists to create amazing creative videos directly from their devices. The videos that we all grew to love, laugh and enjoy watching could easily be created with this tool - as opposed to spending long hours filming, uploading, editing and sharing.

I would watch interviews with huge Vine sensations talk about how a single 6 second video can take up to 6 hours of editing. I wanted to change that. With many amateur artists not having the equipment, editing software, editing software knowledge, or time to make these same creative videos, their content was lacking a huge number of variables. However, they still had video ideas that they believed people would love. Thats why I created Metronome.

Here is a video describing what Metronome is:
Introduction: Metronome

Metronome is an application that allows users to easily add music, sound effects and filters to their videos. The idea was to develop a tool that can create amazing videos with music and not just be limited to lip syncs and dances - to create videos just like your favorite vine sensations as easily as possible.

I would like to merge my technology into V2’s camera. With this technology I believe we can see a huge incline of creative content on the network - with an easy means of doing so, artists can express themselves and record amazing videos right from the application itself.


Interesting and when adding music to metronome, would that bypass copyright? How many editing options are available

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The Vine app already had the ability to add music to videos. So I imagine the V2 app will have the same built-in.

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Or at least something similar.

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Very good point! But!
Integrating Metronome’s camera will give even more capabilities of imbedding music, sound effects and filters into their videos. The Vine application allowed users to record a video, select a song and then just hover it over whatever part they wanted it to play at.
However, looking back at our favorite vines we saw a huge trend of vines with multiple songs and sound effects and vines with some scenes recorded with their microphone and some recorded with music. Metronome can easily do this and the best part is it can all be done live, not after you recorded the video. This would allow perfect precision in exactly how they wanted their vine.

We also saw a huge trend with filters. People would have vines where scenes had no filters and some scenes did. Metronome easily allows users to select a scene in their video that they recorded and select a filter for it - allowing users to have multiple filters in a single video.

Making the ability to make better videos easily from the native application will give birth to even more creative content on the network. More funny videos to laugh at!

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We work with api’s from large music distributors to pull the music. These music distributors license the songs from their respective music label. It doesn’t bypass copyright, but it follows their terms of service. So we’re all good!

In case you haven’t seen this

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It’s a brilliant idea

This is an idea that more apps need. You can add your own saved music from iPhone or from Various Android Devices. On Apple and Android devices @dom | PLEASE allow Spotify Music, iTunes Music, Google Music, Deezer etc. etc.

I think you should do this due to the amount of people who don’t purchase the more expensive concepts but the cheaper “better” ones. No other app has done that!

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Thank you!! I really appreciate your comment! I really believe that with an easy to use tool like metronome, there would be a huge incentive for people to create amazing videos! With an influx in creative content, V2 will soar!

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Completely agree. Myself I could never add music because I never had iTunes on my Musically. I could never make my comedy vidoes - was really annoying! Can V2 fix it?!

Im not too sure if V2 will offer it directly into the application, but when I release you could create your videos on metronome and then share to V2!

Yeah - or we could use a PC and edit our videos then insert the video into our phone’s DCIM.