Camera style

There are some byte vids that have a slick tv style look (not soap opera effect), how are some of your doing this? Is it your camera or a specific recording app?
And what apps are your using to edit?


There’s one on InShot, I’m pretty sure, haven’t used it.

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Thanks I will check it ou

I’m guessing some people have some pretty slick equipment too. I’ve considered a couple times busting out my DSLR and taking the footage into Adobe Premiere and exporting and uploading. While your Bytes can look really nice this way never let it hold you back from creating content. This can end up being a rather big production and possibly burn you out.

I personally just use the camera built in my phone, so if there is another way that people are making their footage look really nice without fancy equipment please feel free to share. I’d love to hear.


i recently started using premiere as well. and maybe stopped in the same breath. because in the time it takes me to edit 2-3 videos i could have posted 5 times that on the app.

Thank you and very true. I wonder if changing the frame rate on the iPhone between HD and 4K can give some promising results