Camera Roll Videos Being Cut Short

Current issue I’m experiencing involves as the title suggests; the posting of videos from my camera roll. I have an LG V40 ThinQ and whenever I go to my camera roll and add a video the preview itself is the full length it should be then when I go to the next page to add the caption it shaves about a second off the beginning.
Not sure if this is an app issue as a whole or if it’s just an app issue for my phone but I am of course addressing it because I’m sure that it needs to be fixed


I also experience this problem on an iPhone 7s. This makes creating perfectly looping music bytes from camera roll difficult.

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It’s still doing this… I want my byte today to be perfect but it cuts of the first part a little bit, when will this be fixed?

In the meantime, when I edit my bytes I leave summer excess video at the end and then cut it out on byte

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