Camera question for eos rebel series

Okay, so I have been trying to work on fixing my autofocusing for bytes. So for some reason every time I need to autofocus on myself or the background for a video I have to press the shutter button every time. I mean if I was filming a sitdown video this is fine but when filming a one-shot this can run into issues. Can someone let me know how I can enable true autofocus so I won’t have to hit the shutter button?

I have a rebel T5i. The autofocus is not the best out there. One way to get it to focus is to use the touch screen. This is what I do.

  1. Get close to your camera (close enough that you can touch your screen that’s facing forward)
  2. Touch your face. This will make the camera focus to your face.
  3. Move back slowly and watch the camera adjust focus accordingly.
  4. Try not to make any sudden movements or you’ll lose focus.

Option 2 - Do not use autofocus.

  1. Use manual focus to focus on the distance you want to shoot.
  2. Try replacing yourself with another object that you can focus on.
  3. Once focused, leave it there. It’ll never change focus again.
  4. Try to shoot only in that distance.
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