Calling All Game Developers!

Hey friends. I’m an indie game developer and would love to populate my (and your) feed with other devs! My byte is @grahamoflegend and I’m currently working on a game called Super Space Club. I’ll also be posting cool animations (most likely motion graphics).



Is that your game?? I looks beautiful.
The color palette and the minimalism look are extremely nice, and definitely something I appreciate in bullethell


Haha thanks @LittleDewDroplets! Yep, this is my game. Glad you appreciate the vibe :pray:t4::smile:

Hey! Love the look of the animation you posted above!

I’m not a developer but I’m a voice actor doing bits in games here and there - lemme know if you ever need some voice work!

I also have a byte account! @joebelham

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awesome! The design n color palette remind me of Hyper Light Drifter, and game development is definitely something I want to get into! Good luck on it dude lol

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Thanks @JoeBelham! I’ll keep that in mind :slight_smile:

Ayy thanks @arf :smile:. Being compared to Hyper Light Drifter is high praise. Love that game on all fronts.

Also, game dev is fun, whether you’re doing it all by yourself or just doing one aspect (programming, art, animation, game design, etc). If you’re truly interested, just start somewhere! I started by learning how to make pong in Unity lol.

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Now that we’re further our from launch, wanted to bring this back up to see if there are any more devs out there sharing their process :slight_smile: