#bytesgottalent featured hashtag appreciation post

[Warning long message lol] Hello everyone if you don’t know, hello what up its Bananaquan and this whole day had me speechless because i remember about 2 months ago on this forum i wanted to create something so that small creators would get noticed for their different talents and unique messages. Thus making me come up with #Bytesgottalent & #BGT and i would try to go find new people on byte and give them a voice to vocalize what makes them unique. The episode were uploaded every friday except this friday because it was difficult to find new people that wanted to be apart of it. Right when i posted about no episode this friday NEXT THING I SEE IS THE #Bytegottalent being a FEATURED HASHTAG. I cannot express how shook i was lol. I was speechless like huh. Even when i look through the hashtag i see new faces and new people showing off things that make them unique and it makes me so happy. People being the best version of themselves and unlocking new outlets like it warms my heart.

I also want to thank the people that believe in me before, from those who participated or those who continue to support those videos and more. This is a win for us, a win for being creative and being unique!!

Also to however or whoever saw the potential that the hashtag had to make it a FEATURED HASHTAG! THANKS SO MUCH YOU GOT ME CRYING LOL! :heart::heart: I live for seeing everyone’s videos and i hope to continue to see more. I hope you all are having fun making those videos because i am trying to watch every single one and hype you up in the comments.

Love each and every one of yall :heart::heart::heart:



Love you! <3


So happy and proud of you! you are such a light to all of us!! :heart::raised_hands:t4:


Theres alot of engagement on this hashtag, and many new faces. Really good to see. Made my day. Also #bytersgotnotalent I’ll be all over that tag


I found the post - I’m happy that your tag got featured and well deserved.

As I said anything is possible :slightly_smiling_face:


Wild i mean you did spill the tea :coffee:

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Issa W broski :muscle:

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I’m sooo happy about this I could squeeeee. We love you Bananas!:heart:

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