Bytes Video Guidelines

Do you think there will be overt strict posting guidelines compared to what was seen on vine?

-Hopefully thin guidelines in terms of what the “soft internet” would call dirty comedy possibly?

  • looking at old vines I see fake guns, fake drugs & none of that is possible with Tik Tok… some videos are wrongly taken down for not any reason.

It’s just time and creativity spent to make a video so their creations need to be seen and not taken down for dumb reasons like Tik Tok!



What?? U can’t use fake guns and drugs on tiktok.?

I just got a fake gun for sketches yo


Youtube has become Television and is controlled by advertisers. That’s why they have very strict rules.
Tik Tok is just stupid IDK why they do what they do. lol

Byte will bring back creative freedom to the creators. We’ll see how things go…


when i used tiktok a while back i made like an art style video on it and because i showed some scissors in the video it got taken down… their guidelines are super strict !

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Unfortunately a small number of bad seeds ruin it for the rest so I don’t see this changing at all. Also since the modration is very AI based it’s going to make silly mistakes, hence why people should make a back up account with a different email just in case. When you have an app with 100 million users there’s no way to regulate this a 100% fair

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