Bytes that happen to be longer than the standard six seconds

why do people feel the need to upload bytes longer than 6 seconds through bypassing


Who’s doing this?

there’s been talk of people uploading entire spongebob episodes to byte, and there was a case today where someone allegedly uploaded an hour long byte. so i don’t have names. even if i did, i wouldn’t want witchhunting to happen


That’s impossible though. Everynow and again I find I edited one of my videos wrongly and it has .5 seconds more than its allowed, and it just gets cut off.
The app doesn’t upload more than 6.5 seconds, I don’t understand the deal?


I’ve seen it done a few times but only jokingly though, like someone uploaded the entirety of “never gonna give you up”. which i rebyted, because of course i did.

There are bypasses if you wanted to haha

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This has been fixed so long ago, you can’t even do this anymore as it was fixed backend last i recall (unless a way around it was found, which I doubt)

Does anyone know Byte’s contact Email? On Twitter Dom mentioned Emailing, but I can’t find it.

i saw an account post full songs earlier today

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