Byte's Potential

Good morning everyone!

So, I heard over the weekend that engagement has gone low, and some creators are not feeling motivated enough to make more Bytes anymore, and I completely understand that.

But, I do believe the the engagement will pick up once the Partner’s Program kicks in, and as more features are on their way, Byte will thrive eventually.

Because right now, people are being fed up on existing mega social media platforms such as Instagram and Youtube where the market is over saturated, and they are seeking for alternative platforms, and if the Byte’s Partner Program is successful, Byte will be a major player in the field, maybe even like a Mini-Youtube, where people can create and make money.

So for now, we just need to keep creating great content for our audience and have patience as things unfold. I know the whole Byte team is working very hard everyday, so let’s send our positive energy to them!


Normal Me: Byte is draining me, i can’t leave i’m addicted!

Innocent Me: i’m posting for fun and the engagement doesn’t bother me.

Greedy Me: lets get this bread :baguette_bread:

Alex reference

Confuse Me: where is everyone, where is the love


Oh I will keep creating. Let’s gooo!


I agree 100% the app is really only a few months old and no one should really be upset with engagement as the byte team said over and over create great bytes and you have a positive chance at growing. We need to stop worrying about the amount of engagement we have and focus on the engagement we already cater to.

You as a sole creator can create a byte so magnificent that it needs to be shared and that is what we all should be striving for and to stop searching for likes and views.

The byte team is doing a fantastic job and as creators we need to creator content that can’t be IGNORED.

As the saying goes be so good that you can’t be ignored! :grin::grin:


Our bytes are about the food we eat every day, so… we have content for every day. We are started doing this when byte app launched considering that 6 sec are enough to express our cooking ideas… so for now we aren’t interested in other video platforms. PS. we hope that the algorithms eventually will love the food category too :grin:


That partnership is motivating enough for me :sunglasses: gonna grind until its mine lol


I have no plans on stopping soon or even slowing down, I wanna keep up this pace :heart::balloon:


Mines about comedy and shouting… which I could do everyday but… I always Gotta film for everyday but… if everyone quarantines… then I WONT BE ALONE :dizzy_face::dizzy_face:


I will never stop byting


Agreed! It’s a marathon, not a race, so if you’re feeling unmotivated, take a day off or 2 for self care and to come up with ways to spice up your content! I definitely want to be a part of the partnership program and be the first to become a major kpop byter! Or be one of the first ones to pop up :aww: I do qualify for 2 categories except for the aspect ratio; the native camera on my phone is dumb when it comes to aspect ratio, so I’ll have to use another camera to record everything :blep: Thanks to the byte team for working hard and making byte awesome! :grin:


I’m trying my best to keep my head in the game – as far as Byte goes, I’d suggest spreading out content over several days instead of forcing yourself to record and upload daily. Something as simple as a breather in between Bytes comes a long way.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – everyone I talk to LOVED vine, but doesn’t know Byte exists. I even talked to someone the other day who claimed “Oh! Byte? Vine 2? Yeah, I heard about it” and I got excited, but they were actually talking about Vine Camera, literally just Vine after it was discontinued. They were all like “I heard that app has a very small user base and nobody really uses it…” and it was funny, because they were talking about…the camera itself, lmao.

I have more faith going forward through Byte’s genius business strategy (sponsorships–>money for creators–>good content brings in new users–>new users means more sponsorships–>so on), which is Dom’s way of telling Twitter “Look! Vine IS monetizable! You just weren’t doing it right!” And once they start their merchandising and ad campaign? Bro, we’re gonna pop off. Keep at it, everyone! :slight_smile: stay safe and don’t forget to wash your hands.


Byte biggest potential is it turns everyone in the forum into essay and novel writers :joy:

In all honesty, I do love reading everyone’s thesis - it takes my mind of my shortage of toilet paper in my house and if I should pay $30 online to wipe my butt - third world problems over here :blush: be safe out there and wash ur hands, Henry


As long as Byte continues to push creativity, and not aggregate accounts, I think it’ll succeed.

What killed Instagram for me is how oversaturated it is with material that’s been stolen from other places.

The world craves authenticity. :v:t2:




Couldn’t have said it any better myself. I use to believe in posting EVERY single day since I figured it would help my chances of getting into that program. Now I just let it spread and post when I feel a video topic I have plus the execution is good enough to make it on my channel


Ignore my pink default pic lol. I just signed up for the forum and haven’t changed it yet. Two quick things from my simple mind: 1) Engagement rates will be low until more viewers (not creators) arrive at the platform, which I believe will happen. Us creators keep ourselves busy and grind and while we support each other and keep up with each other’s content the best we can, there are only but so many seconds each day. Over time people who just want to watch and not make will show up. 2) I’ve only done this for a week so my advice is blah, but batch producing seems like a good idea to not burn out. I’ve been recording 7 at a time, editing those 7 when I have blocked out time, and having the aim to make 21/week or 3/day. Probably seems a bit much for some people’s taste but I believe in balancing quality and quantity the best I can to where progress is possible while still having time to help others and support others. Best of luck everyone. Hang in there, smile and enjoy the ride!


Can’t stop won’t stop :sunglasses:


I stopped using Byte because there was a bug which caused iPhone users to be unable to watch my Android bytes properly. I kept getting comments about half of the screen being cut off and other visual issues. Due to the amount of hate I received for issues that weren’t even my fault, I ended up leaving the app. I’m not sure if it has been resolved yet as for some reason the forum doesn’t allow me to create my own threads so I couldn’t report the bugs when the issues were first occurring at launch.

So, you should check if the bug is still occurring, then if it still occurs, you should reply to some topics then you will receive the ability to make a post.

Reading topics is how you gain Trust Level 1 (Basic), not replying to them.

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