Bytes on my page are not in chronological order?

When going to my own page on Byte the videos are no longer chronological? Is this intentional? When I refresh I get a different Byte at the top.


Me and plenty of other users are seeing this, on Android and Apple. I’m not sure if it is intentional, so we need confirmation; the only reason it’s confusing is because these bytes show their timestamps on your own acct… a post that was meant for a real-time update 2 weeks ago will confuse viewers when they see it in the moment…


Definitely a bug, I just created a topic on this, I should have looked here before creating another about the same problem


Something is A FOOOT! :joy::joy:


Some users’ content aren’t even loading atm, like senorpequenos


I thought that was apart of the update not sure though. Cause now even your older videos will get views because it might be the first video to show up on your page.


My page is completely blacked out


It’s a bug I guess

@dom thoughts? Seems everyone is getting a piece of glitchy behavior

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Yeah, app seems to be almost completely down right now. Every time I open the app it immediately crashes.

I have a screen recording, if it’s needed let me know a good email address to sent it to

Exact same thing is happening to me. It must be a bug, but it’s good see I’m not the only one experiencing this.

Here I was, opening my Byte and wondering today why videos from weeks ago were at the top. I guess it’s not as bad as other people whose profiles completely imploded, though. Hopefully there’ll be a hotfix soon.

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I literally thought my latest bytes go removed.

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it’s fixed boys , calm down. :slight_smile: