Bytes not immediately rebyting?

So, I’m not sure if this is a genuine bug or if I just need it explaining to me, but I’ve noticed recently that when I rebyte a byte, sometimes it doesn’t show on my feed (not my rebyte section) for a few days?

When I see it with the little “rebyted by you” bit, is it possible that somebody else I follow rebyted it, and it was rebyted instantly by me, I’m just seeing it differently on my feed?

(sorry if the phrasing doesn’t make much sense)

I don’t have answer to your question but clarifying the word feed might help someone who can. Are you talking about “your mix” or “following”

I know when they fixed the first rebyte scandal issue because of peopel abusing it, they stated that the rebytes wouldnt be let out like immediately after one rebyted the byte! Idk if that’s the case here, but the whole point was to try and diminish that whole mass of rebytes that would show up on people TL, With bytes of people they weren’t even following.
Idk if my wording made sense either :sweat::sweat_smile:


Following! I have to admit, I rarely look at my mix

To @rommie ’s point:

I’ve noticed that when you rebyte a post and someone you are following also rebytes the same post after, it will still show up in your feed as “rebyted by you”. Due to the algorithm change, you could either be seeing your own rebyte or someone else’s in that situation.

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Ah! Thank you- not sure how I missed that post.