Byte's Leaderboard

In my opinion i think byte should have a leaderboard just like used to do you guys think that they should have one or not have one ?


i feel like it will cause a lot of competition and an ‘i’m better than you’ attitude from people. but who knows what dom will implement :blush:


Yeah, it’s not a good idea. It would turn the environment into a toxic pit really quickly


On the contrary, competitiveness can create both negative and positive aspects like everything in life, this is why it is always up to the person to choose what kind of person they would be


I think it should ! I love myself a competition and so should everyone else it pushes me to try my best and grind as hell :slight_smile:

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I reckon it should even it’ll be fun climbing your way up to the top but at the same time I do think some people will become jealous because they aren’t gaming as many views and followers as people who are newer than them.

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The moment you make it about “competition” you are sacrificing Community. It becomes a battle instead of a family, and I think it says a lot about a platform when numbers are more important than conections


The minute you said I zoned out. lol
I don’t think a leaderboard is necessary because:

  1. We’ll all know who the top followed Byters are.
  2. Byte is about collaboration NOT competition.

I don’t know about you @Lxnria but I’m just trying to have fun.


This app is all about being a FAMILY we are the strongest community and I really believe that ! I think it should be one big happy time leaderboards are for video games to see who has the best skills not a positive video creating website . #ByteFam

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Please refer to @lex’s post.