Bytes in Spanish or in other languages

I think we all have the idea that we want byte to grow more and we to grow more in our content, that’s why I wanted to know how to make some bytes in other languages, so it will reach other regions of the world, it’s just an idea, I make bytes of comedy in Spanish and English, and there are other byte creators in Spanish or another language, well it’s just an idea but I still want to know your opinion, we want the byte community to expand.




byte will expand but i think when its available in other countries that will help it grow the most. For now most people post/use byte around morning 9-12 EST. If it were released in other countries i think we would see more active, more cultures and more languages that byte is in.

There are a few Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian byters but it would be nice to see more on the app. You could probably for now build a small audience off byte from the languages you make your bytes in.

Im not sure where staff are when it comes to expanding byte to more countries but an update on that would be nice. More cultures and content is great and the few lone beta testers representing their country wont feel left out. :sunglasses::ok_hand:


I’ve been thinking about making one in Spanish. :blush: Love the idea!


I posted one in my terrible Spanish the other day

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I got like two ideas in the vault rn specifically directed for Spanish people :smiling_imp::eyes:

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The only way to sensibly get your content to other parts of the world would be through who you follow and who follows you! It’s not like Byte has an AI algorithm that screens for words and languages to see who the content can be marketed to. Plus, say there aren’t many Spanish Byters right now, all someone would have to do is use Google Translate to show up on the feeds of everyone in Mexico or Spain.

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we don’t need google translate, a lot of us where on bilingual Schools actually.