Bytes don't play & share sheet issues (Android)

In the latest Android version (1.0.5) Bytes don’t play at all on WiFi or data connections in any category.

Following on from Functions arrow encodes in comments view there’s still issues with that.

Link sharing has been added which is great but the expansion arrow still encodes in comments view when it doesn’t actually need to be there.

Options within the app are Share, Copy Link, Export, Rebyte & Flag. I feel a better order would be Rebyte, Share (with copy link on share sheet), Export then Flag.

Thoughts are welcome but I’ve used this to suggest different approaches (at least for Android) to fix the bug with the share arrow.

Update, after cache clear they will play eventually if you leave them on screen long enough.

Update 2, clearing cache no longer works to fix the issue. No bytes play even with clearing all data. Screen recording available here:

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Ty @ShonziTho for the tag fix :slight_smile:

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The issue seen here

is still prevalent.