Bytes difference with “following” and “friending”... what exactly is the difference?

As it was stated recently in an announcement post, (bulletin 6.5? :skull:) the app will take a turn with its following mechanic. Byte “won’t rely on friends following each other back on the app to see their posts” (or something along those lines) so what do you guys think that means? Perhaps they want your followers to be separate from your friends. I personally can see the benefit right away if that’s the case. If your a very popular creator, all your true friends are in a sub category and you can easily contact them instead of searching through your mass of followers. Basically have your followers as one counter, and your friends as another. There’s a lot the byte team could do with a feature like that. What are your thoughts? :raised_hands:


personally i love it, plus you might just wanna be friends with someone but not want their content.


I like the idea o separate counters. Though I think it would be beneficial if you could hide how many “friends” just like you can “followers” that way you and your friends keep their privacy