Byte's Camera Orientation

I’ve read and heard different things about the camera on byte. Obviously @dom has released some teasers of the app so we all know that you can definitely do full Frame footage filmed with the camera being held up and down. However, what I haven’t seen on those teasers are any horizontal shots, square shots, or if there’s the ability to upload something that was created on a computer, and then rotate it like you can in other apps like Tik Tok.

Just to clarify, I’m not wanting byte to duplicate Tik Tok; I am a huge fan of vine, and I get that with Byte we are creating something new and unique, not another knock off app. I am just curious, for creators that plan to film content outside of their phone, using other camcorders or computer editing software, if clips can be uploaded and rotated, or scaled larger or smaller to fit in frame?

Thank you!


it will be multi-ratio: Byte's ratio will be multi-ratio (square or portrait)...YES!

(square is gr8)
and i think its v possible it could be a thing… dom seems to be very flexible with features/ideas. rotating seems like a good option


Amen to having both formats


oh good I hope so! I just noticed in the last few teasers he’s released it only shows one format. I would love to see @dom release a teaser with multiple video ratios, or even showing him uploading a video so we can see if the “rotate screen” option is there


Ya…although byte will support multiple aspect ratios, it seems as though Dom has a preference towards portrait.

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I think square is the best like the old vine it worked great


I completely agree

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something tells me…and this is a gut feeling, that the next gen of byters would be more portrait mode orientated


yea that could be the case. i would certainly require some of us who have always created videos a certain way to think outside the box.
I used to have this idea that I could create one video, and post it on Youtube, Facebook, Tik Tok, and V*ne.
It just ended up becoming a nightmare because not only do different platforms have different ratios they allow, but also different time limits, and so i’ve sort of given up on that strategy. It’s a bit exhausting to try and make videos for so many different platforms while working a fulltime job, so I’m curious to hear how other creators cover all their different platforms. Actually I might begin a separate topic on this because I’d love to hear how people create balance

just found this other persons discussion on this. not an official answer but might be another interesting perspective

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One thing I just thought of as well is that it may present a new type of challenge to actually create and deliver content that is only filmed using the portrait version of the app. It shows a new level of skill if a person is able to accomplish this effectively, creating intriguing, engaging content, without using outside editing sources of camera. Some of the best viral videos used no editing

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