Bytes biggest issues

Right now, the biggest problem byte is facing is the abusing of the rebyte feature and small creators not being discovered. It’s going to be vine all over again where people will just rebyte eachothers content over and over again, and it’s the same people everyday on top. There are soo many bytes I’ve seen that only get a few likes that are equally good or better than some popular ones. That might be my opinion but still. I feel like A LOT of content is on byte, but we just can’t see it because it gets drowned out.

There has to be a way for smaller creators to get discovered, the latest page sadly isn’t cutting it because there’s too many videos flowing in once to keep up with. And once you’re video even gains some traction, it dies out eventually because either all of your followers seen it, or it’s not high enough on the popular page to get discovered.

I know it’s literally only been 3 days and so far the byte team has done AMAZING. They got rid of a lot of bot activity from what I can tell, but I think this is the next biggest thing byte needs to correct so more people are motivated to join the app.

Maybe a potential solution for the rebyte abuse is once you unrebyte the video, you can’t rebyte it again? Idk it’s just an idea.

Anyways, thank’s byte team so far for all your hard work really keeping up and fixing all the bugs and issues as fast as you guys do!


Regarding helping smaller creators get discovered, what if the categories had some filters such as a “rookies” filter that only shows you results from creators with under so many followers? (maybe like 100?)

If it was set up to where you could filter to rookies only, and sort by trending, you would still be seeing a lot of the best in the category which avoids the issues of sorting by “latest”, but also allow you to focus exclusively on newer creators.

You could also add more filters like under 1k followers, under 10k, etc (and of course give them all fun names too), so you can see the best of the best across a range of levels.

Also, maybe it’d be cool to be able to sort by new just for people with over 1k or over 10k followers, cause then you’re probably getting content from quality creators, but you arent just viewing it based on what others have already found.


ooh, that sounds like a really good idea! however, i think that these follower based channels should be put at the top of the explore page so people see those categories first.


That would be a good feature, but it would barely help small creators. Like how tiktok has the for you page, it’s really good to get small creators get noticed more on there. But, on tiktok, not too many use the following tab and just stay on the for you page but I’d hope that this wouldn’t be the case on byte because then followers barely mean anything.

I’m sure they have something in mind, and it could be hard since we have under a million users I believe still.


what do you mean exactly? I don’t fully understand.

Well, if you’re interested in finding smaller creators, and you had the ability to filter the “for you” tab by rookies only, that would make it a lot easier to find em, wouldnt it?

Note that I’m not talking about making “rookies” a category on its own, im suggesting it as a filter for categories. I.E., you go to the “comedy” tab, sort by “trending”, and filter by “rookies”. So you’re still viewing only the comedy category, but you’re looking specifically at people with under 100 followers in the category. Make sense?

I figure the people that would be browsing by this tag are those who are actively interested in finding new people to follow who don’t have much of a following yet. I figure if someone doesnt really care about discovering newbies, it probably won’t affect them much, but it would definitely make it easier for those who want to take an active part in helping smaller creators get a following.


Yeah I know what you’re trying to say lol, but that’s not enough like I said. That’s literally like the latest page all over again, except its filtered. A lot of those posts are going to be ‘shit posts’ (random posts people just upload) that won’t be worth it. People aren’t going to go out of there way to find small creators, they want good content to just show up. I’m talking about creating a system for that. Filtering can only go so far.

Could something like engagement percentages work for this. At this point in the app I wonder what engagement numbers are like. Gotta imagine most big creators are seeing just more bot engagement. If there was a way to filter those out :thinking:

But if you’re sorting the “rookies” by "trending*, you aren’t just getting the same as latest, you’re getting the best content from people with fewer followers. So you won’t be getting those shitposts people just uploaded unless theyre getting enough engagement to show up as trending.


Yeah there’s still bot engagements but from what I can see bot comments are gone. Engagement percentages could work, how many people seen your video to the likes,comments, loops etc. but there needs to be a way that most content, bad or good gets seen, but if it’s not interesting then it shouldn’t be boosted.

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I mean the “for your consideration” thing is the early stages of that it looks like. It’s just so random right now. And only doing new content. Maybe someone posted something at 9am that I would have liked


Yeah I get that, and they should add that, would be cool. I just don’t think it’s what would help with getting good/better content out there.

No I’m saying I’m seeing it now. They have that

I was replying to the other guy. I know it’s added

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Yeah it might be difficult for a system to be made without fully copying tiktok’s algorithm.

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Gotcha. Yeah. I think it’s gonna come down to this community. I think that this forum could maybe be a cool place for byters to keep up with byte. Seems like a lot of people are trying to 1 make byte the community (it’s not ready yet) or 2 make communities on different platforms. Insta gram message groups and stuff

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Yeah for sure. Right now it depends on luck to be noticed (having multiple people look at your latest then whether they rebyte to pass it on). You can obviously post really often and gain followers and as they add up you’ll get more likes which is what the best system for small creators is right now.

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True. Right now I’m focused on getting my friends to use it and basically just send bytes back and forth and block spammers and weirdos. But my friend are resistant

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Yeah a lot of people are going to be. Just wait til they fix a lot of stuff.

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A lot of people are more on stand by mode right now waiting for the app to start actually blowing up which it will once the issue with the content not being noticed is fixed because there is going to be more content that will attract more people from other social media sites. A lot of people are only calling the app bad because it’s not big right now.

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