Byte's Big Changes

I don’t understand why people don’t like the changes on Byte. Sure it’s hard to adapt to it, but Hey that’s how life works. No two days are the same. I know Longer Time isn’t on everyone’s wishlist, but let me remind you that the time limit doesn’t define the content.

Sure you can compare us to TikTok for having a longer time limit or other similar features, but we’re not TikTok. If you can jump to conclusions by every single feature that’s being released, then every app in the world is just a copy of Facebook or Instagram.

I’ve seen comments saying that the first-timers on the app would be upset or confused, yet I’ve been happy with every update that Dom has provided for us. It’s just a feature, plus you don’t have to use it if you don’t like/agree with it. Just don’t bad mouth an application for trying to appease its audience. Same with Jumping to conclusions for a feature that every app has now.

As for Moop, well she seems to be a lovable content creator and she’s welcome to make whatever content she wants and I congratulate her for having her own channel for her fans. Byte literally made it easier for her fans to support her. Sure it makes other creators feel like a side character, but it’s probably gonna be temporary.

Pretty much sums up how I see everything. If you don’t agree well I hope we can still be buddies because it’s just an opinion :smiley:


Perfectly worded chefs kiss

also regarding the time, i said this somewhere else, but the forums went crazy when they wanted to move from 6 to 8 seconds, and 8 to 16 seconds, but if you go on the app right now, people are enjoying the longer vids, and some are still making shorter vids. so from experience i can say i’m sure we’ll be fine


I 100% contributed to that mess when it went from 6 to 8 seconds but the same people that made me realize that moving the time length is no big deal are the same people who hate that these tik tokers are on the app and these new features are being implemented. Kinda hypocritical


Lol I don’t mind the tiktokers honestly they’re just having fun like us, but if they hate subway then I can’t be friends with them XD


Yeah honestly, if anyone hates subway, I will fight them :triumph: