Bytes Auto Muting

As I’m scrolling Byte frequently keeps muting itself and I have to toggle my volume switches to get the audio for the Byte I’m watching. Not a big deal but tedious to have to do so frequently.


Could you perhaps give a screen recording of the issue with information about your device/platform?

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I captured one case of it happening in the linked screen recording. It’s a little cut off by the recording but the volume is working perfectly fine. I swiped to their profile, volume worked fine there. When I swiped back it was muted until I toggled the volume switches. But as you can see in the video the volume wasn’t turned all the way down when I turned it back on.

I’m using an iPhone XR on software 13.3. I downloaded Byte yesterday evening. I hope this is helpful!

EDIT: I haven’t gotten on video but this same thing has happened a few times just while scrolling inbetween Bytes, one video it works the next it’s muted again.


I had this issue, in fact I was trying to report it when I found this.

When I signed up for the app, it had no sound. I just saw the post and try toggling the volume button, now it has started working.

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@huwusky Caught it on video happening with normally scrolling on a feed. Linked below.

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I can’t seem to recreate the issue, but this is definitely something that should be looked into

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I’ve been having the exact same problem, anyone figured it out yet?


are y’all using headphones, airpods, anything special like that?

if it’s not on when you open the app, that’s because your phone is probably on mute, and it’s intentional. you can use the mute switch or volume to change it.

if it’s happening while you’re scrolling, that’s not intended and any extra details (phone, OS, headphones/etc like i asked above) would be helpful


Normally I’m just using my phone’s internal speakers. Yes, my device is on silent but after the initial volume toggle, like you said, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Interesting though I just tested some more and the only thing I changed was using airpods- no muting issue with them enabled.

Also, like I put above I’m on an iPhone XR iOS 13.3 with the public version of the app. Thanks for looking into this.


I haven’t tried with headphones or any other accessories yet, but yes it’s happening when I’m scrolling through bytes. I’m on an iPhone 6+ running iOS 12.4.4. I just checked and saw the 0.2.2 update for byte, so I’ll play around on that and see if the muting is still an issue!

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Do you have the silent switch on your phone turned on? If so, that’s why there’s no sound.