Byters I Want To Hears Some Sad Boi Music

Post some good sad boi music below


Anything by Elliot Smith or The Cure


The National are my go to sad boi band.


Daft punk- make love

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lorde - liability

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McCracken-Bug Hunter
If all should fail- Rusty cage

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Alex G’s album Trick is really good!

I also made this Spotify playlist called “The Last Song” which is comprised of the last song on a couple of albums that I felt like fit together.

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(I had to break this up into two posts because I guess I haven’t posted enough to have 3+ links in my comments)

-and this EP by Damien Juardo isn’t necessarily sad. It’s much as it’s a deep contented breath in and out on a cool fall morning. I’m throwing it in here just in case you wanted a little pallet cleanser to bring you a little bit north of the sad songs border.

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How could you leave us - NF
Can I be him - James Arthur
Popular monster - Falling In Reverse (vibes are angry but lyrics are sad)
Leaves from the vine - general iroh (I cry every frickin time I hear it but you also have to watch atla)

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As I’m listeing to this i almost feel like Juice WRLD would be inspired alot by these two artsits especially elliot smith

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breaking the river is nice

Never saw them as sad music, but hearing yeah I can hear it

Haven’t listened to lorde in awhile but this sounds cool

If all should fail sounds intersting Has a little blues vibes

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Yeah, it kinda does. I recommend Rusty cages’s music, but not him as an Internet personality

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This is intersting as I’m making alot of sadboi music right now, because people say my beats sound like that haha. These playllists are some real inspiration

Werdly leaves from vine by generial ioh is that in english?

Yeah something about bluesy vibes always makes for great music