Byters How To Collab The Right Way

Find people to compliment you instead of people doing the same thing. If you make videos, find a video editor, someone to shoot your vids. There’s no point in having a bunch of people who all make vids, and forming a team around it necessarily. Collab with people to make your job as a content creator easier not harder.


But I like it harder. no homo


omg same

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honestly ill get dragged for this but i find collabs funny in the cringe way

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Brother, no homo isn’t that powerful :pensive:


I’m not really into collabs (on byte or other short-video platforms, other long-video platforms idc). I wanna edit myself and not turn video production into a factory machine. I’d rather have it harder but make what I want…


Collabs are good to build following too.


no one is good at everything. In reality you’re only good at a couple of things. that’s why people hire others to do a job for them. Dom at byte does this with his company and if one wants to turn this into a career one should do the same.

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if one wants to be super succesful at this one has to realize this now: the greatest leverage in life is other people, and other people’s money.

some people shun them, but as time goes its a neccesary part of biz. looking at the og youtubers who are relevant now, they stayed relevant becauses they collabed with the new upcoming rising talent

greatest leverage in life is other people and other’s peoples money

Hmm… agreed