Byter Podcast Interview

Looking to do another interview for the byte community. If interested please read the requirements below before saying you’re down.


*Must be 18 years of age or older
*Have a byte account with content on it. Otherwise if it’s empty, I’m not interested
*Be comfortable telling me the current city/country you live in because of time zone differences.

If I decide to do an interview with you please follow these steps in order to do our interivew:

  1. Make an account on this app:
  1. Star my account by clicking this link (if you don’t star it we can’t do an interview):

Additional info you NEED TO KNOW for when we do our interview:

*Make sure to be 15 minutes early for the interview in case we run into technical difficulties
*Be in a room where there’s is good internet connection.
*Have your phone, ipad, computer, etc fully charged and plugged in while we do the interview so we don’t end up disconnecting due to low battery.
*Make sure you do this in an empty quiet room so there’s no background noise

Interviews DON’TS:

*Don’t do this while driving in your car, or on public transportation. I don’t want the interview timed out because of bad internet connection and because you cant be near a charger


I’m interested – @TupacSon


Jingle boi Rommie is deff interested :relieved: byte user is @rommie and ya I sing and make other type of content related to singing and writing 6 second jingles that go w the current theme!


I’d definitely be interested!
My byte is @nicolette :slight_smile:


check your dm

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just dmed you

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Interested as well :eyes:

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im not 18 im 16 is it possible?!

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Interested, my byte is @Adrioxas


come back when you’re 18 and we’ll do it.



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For sure interested!

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Read the requirements first:

@plushbeats : I just wanted to interrupt and tell you what a brilliant idea this is. Will you share them on a youtube channel? Or is there going to be a public link to share all the interviews? This is a really GREAT idea!

This is one of the best ideas I have seen in this forum.

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i share the link to my anchor podcast here on the forum. You’ll see them. Why you interested?

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