ByteEmojis for The Comment Section!

Hiii! Idk if this is a thread yet or not but I thought it would be rlly cool if we had (one day in the future maybe) byte emojis that we could use on the app as a way to comment/react on a video! I know the byte discord has some emojis that are the “byte” ones and they are so cute! I just think it would be a rlly cute addition to byte and it would be fun! Even tho we have the emojis from our phones as well, it would be so cool to have BYTE SPECIFIC emojis to be incorporated into video ideas too! Like the floaties and new text feature, that would be so cool to play around with using the byte emojis. Just food for thought! What do you guys think? And if this was a topic already discussed by all means close this thread Because I didn’t bother checking to see! :speak_no_evil: :cupid:


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Hey rommie! Pac just linked the other thread, so Ill close this one to avoid duplicates and merge this one with the other. Thanks for sharing :))