Byte working with IG Magazines

I have an idea related to Byte’s marketing, I think it would be a very good idea for Byte to pay Complex magazines, hype beast, genius and rap among others, to promote the app in such a way that they put Byte content in those Instagram accounts that have millions of followers.

I say it since they have put a lot of tik tok content in such a way that it has helped tik tok in a certain way to be what it is today / was in the past. And I’m talking more about complex, I think that it would be a smart Idea since:
Complex has 7.4 million followers
Hypebeast has 9.3 million followers
Genius that has talked about Vine in the recent past - 3.6 million followers.
Rap: 6.4 million followers.
With all those people Byte could search an amount of: 26.7 million of users that could maybe be interested on this app.
Maybe this app could get by that 13.35 million users. I would say that it would help byte as it is going to help The app to get more users.



I like the sound of that

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Yeah it would be amazing, the team should take this into consideration for the good of themselves, its going to be a smart investment.