Byte: what it can be and why it shouldn't try too hard

@dom I hope you can read this at some point and you have every right to rip me a new one in public and I’m only stating an opinion that a small few showed some agreement with and in no way am I trying to “one-up you” or embarrass at all. I’m a fan of yours because Vine was legit my favorite thing is High School, and I remember when it was pretty much gone because twitter bought it and they ruined it. Vine was lightning in a bottle and tbh many still ask “how did it work so well”. I remember back in 2018 I looked up Vine 2 as a joke but realized it was being created but the name couldn’t be used, then you released the OG byte logo in cursive. I WAS HYPED, and as soon as the app went public. It’s amazing how creators can get paid, can make videos for fun without needing to be TikTok or a cheesy post-2016 Youtube vlogger cause you can’t exactly make the content you want without being a carbon copy of everyone (Youtube as of now, TikTok). The thing is this and it’s mostly the creator’s fault which gives the devs a headache, everyone is trying way too hard to compete to become a PP so they end up making posts that either aren’t funny, or try to cheat the system with fake accounts, “rebyte 4 rebyte” spam, or whatever they do to mess up the algorithm. I’ll be honest ever since early April I don’t even look at my “your mix” or “following” sometimes cause it went downhill fast. I want byte to be something amazing and I want it to be the vine of the next gen, but I realized that I gotta stop wishing for it to be “VINE” and instead yearn for it to be BYTE. But there are some things that make it seem like it’s trying to be TikTok, or simply an app trying too hard to appeal to its 15 year old grandkid.

  1. The meme category maybe wasn’t the best idea? I get what you’re trying to do, vine had spontaneity. Everyone is trying way too hard to do so (yikes). I’m not one to judge cause I’m not Dave Chapelle. Memes are by accident, they’re even taken as out of context clips and made into something beautiful. I’m just saying maybe that shouldn’t be a category cause it’s not looking the best rn. Idk maybe I’m wrong and it’ll adjust over time.

  2. Fluctuation with categories: Maybe the reason there are such horrible sketches as you said in some other posts is that the way its seen on the search page? Like @JordanMiller said, look at his post about changing it up with categories and giving others notice, there are actually BOMB creators doing so much more than try hard comedy, it’ll actually filter out the cringe and make the good ones stand out maybe making the other creators to step up their game and actually TRY, you know, make good comedy. Like I said I can’t judge, I’m not Dave Chapelle.

  3. CERTAIN TRENDS: No offense but MAN this seems like a TikTok clone sometimes. In the end with some trending topics, everyone will literally “lemme copy your homework, but ima change some answers” the situation. Sometimes it works, but other times it seems like the same 10 videos about the same topic for 3 days making people wanna switch to TikTok or just go on Instagram where they’ll find something that’s not trying to be with a trend that got overdone in the span of 3 minutes. I’m just saying, a lot of people when byte came out stayed longer on the app looking, now not so much cause it’s like “SIMON SAYS, MAKE A BYTE WITH “BLANK” AS YOUR TOPIC SO YOU CAN MOVE UP AND POSSIBLY BECOME PP”.

  4. PP WAVE: that sounds like an ADULT category but hear me out, announcing that PP would be in WAVES really fucked up the creative intention of this. Everyone became a try hard and it became really relevant. Idk maybe the partner initiative shouldn’t be in waves? Rather the dev team saw potential in certain creators, hit them up in private, then test it out without the logo showing or even telling the partners to not say anything yet and see how it goes. After that with enough confidence, reveal the logo on who ever is a partner and speak on about you all pick by who you actually enjoy and see can drive byte towards a new avenue that is beyond the limits of Vine. Like becoming a youtube partner, except hopefully no one becomes super censored, I mean for sure they shouldn’t be offensive either but you get the point.

  5. JUST BE BYTE: Idk some people say this app is trying too hard to be TikTok, trying too hard to be vine, in reality I know you have a bigger plan and want to just have fun with it. Hopefully, you don’t do this but please just let this app be different, don’t try to see what worked for someone else and try to one-up them, just do what works for this app and make it fun at. No one should want this app to be the better vine, the better TikTok, or the better Youtube Shorts, We just want the best BYTE that DOM the creator of one of the best Apps in history, can ever make. I have faith and everyone else does too.


Like I said, you could rip me a new one, this is just coming from a fan who can thank you for being a key part of his life with the lightning in a bottle you created. I’m just waiting for this one to make me forget about the last because I know this one’s gonna be way better.


A Fan


I’d note about the meme category: it has the same problem that every category has to an extent. People putting vids that aren’t memes in it to get attention just like people will use an animal filter on a vid and put it in “pets” when it should be in comedy. I like the idea of a meme category, but obviously the categories need someone to oversee them so they aren’t being abused. I think Dom said something in the past about how abusing categories will come with consequences and there will be more mods in the future so I assume that would include the memes category. But we’ll see.


The meme category was the result of some discussion threads in the forums this last few days. The big problem, in my opinion, isn’t the category itself, but the miss-use of it. Unfortunately, that is a problem in general with this app, and a hard one to solve if you need to rely on mods.

Now, here’s the thing. I 100% agree with you, but the people who are trying way too hard are either not gonna see you in the forums, not see that they are doing it demselves, or see it but not care because they think this is the way to get RicH aNd faMoUS. Who knows, you might think that I myself am one of the people trying too hard and doing bad comedy! It’s all subjective!

But I’ve seen people coming here and commenting things like this in the forums and then acting completely different on-app. People complaining about bad content or agreeing with those who complain, and them posting in every single trending category and hashtag even if it doesn’t apply or they are making a burned out joke that’s been done a million times.

I’ve generated problems before in this forum for calling out this kind of hypocrisy. It only upsets the people who really care, while the people who live with dollar signs on their eyes don’t see it directed at them at all.


Nah I completely agree with you, actually thank you for saying what you said because it compliments a lot to what I believe are a lot of people’s intentions yet they don’t want to hear the truth.


Hope I didn’t misuse the meme category, I thought my video was very meme-like


True, it could be revolutionary in a sense but a lot of creator mis-categorizing sort of ruins the potential. Hopefully it fixes cause it could be a dope feature.


How to eat KitKat :white_check_mark:


haven’t seen it yet, I’ll check it out for sure but nah it’s not even an attack. It’s mostly people who just found a clip and didn’t even look at it, threw it on byte, and clicked “meme”.


If you’re unsure in the future I’d check what dom said about the category in a previous thread. I mean it’s subjective in a lot of ways


That’s in the weird category lol


:sob::sob::sob: this is meme-worthy — crushed my dreams brb


I think that’s such a key! SUBJECTIVITY!! What we may see as improper use may be fine in someone else’s eyes. We may see it as incorrect but others may see it as fitting! The issue is blatant misuse that is not even in the correct category. Like putting comedy in the animals category when no animals are involved.


YEEEEEE, you said it better than I could


Yep, the first day the Cute Category showed up I was turned away from it and never came back. It’s probably changed by now but I saw too many videos of people saying some variation of “I’ll post here now because I’m cute” to have an interest in it.
There’s subjective use, and then there’s just wanting to jump on the trend. The thread I made that caused a lot of toxicity was me complaining the day that “meettheladies” was literally 80% videos of dudes. I still think that wasn’t subjective. A lot of people did. So, idk.


thanks for the feedback. I think the biggest issue as everyone knows is the content is miscategorized, generally due to clout chasing. the other points here are good (we already do #6) but the only thing that is going to really change things is fixing categorization. we’re working on something for that but it’s a pretty massive change that will take some time to get right


Ya’ll we need to be patient, we all want different things out of this app, but lets stay patient and Byte on (?)!


Thanks Dom, can’t wait to see what comes next to the app :smile:


If only people on the internet actually cared about making people laugh instead of trying to bot their way into every monetization program of every social media site.


For now it is up to us testers and you guys to police it and the team also the best they can until they can get more help moderating these things.


This whole thing reads like a “do not be tik-tok”. Ok. GREAT!

From your view what are the 8-10 best ideas you have seen in this forum that are NOT on the App and could quickly, easily and cost effectively be added in less than 1 week?

One advantage Byte has over Tik-tok that is rarely talked about is the ability to add new features and functions without upset. I say “What are your best 8-10” for this reason there can be blind spots as to why Byte might not do 2-3 SEEMINGLY great ideas because there are hidden challenges within moderation or tech issues.

This is leading me to a different topic question.

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