Byte vs Triller vs clash

I’m biased but only because I am right. But there is a wealth of original quality content on the app.

If I have one point of pride on these platforms (vine and byte) is i am a good curator and all of my revines and rebytes are from quality creators making good shit.


Can I get this on a t-shirt, please? Hahaha!! Love it.


The Triller interface reminds me of Windows XP. Outdated, kludgey, and difficult to use. The text is so tiny you can barely read it, like a website designed in 2002.

Clash has a more modern interface, but, the app has a lot of bugs and big stability issues. @onkelchrispy mentioned getting no response from any of the Community Managers there, but I got help from a guy named Corey when I couldn’t log into my account, however it was through Twitter DMs, not on the app itself.

I know I’m a bit biased, but, Byte is the better app. Overall, Byte works more smoothly and feels more stable and mature, and is easier to use and figure out. I’m looking forward to the interface updates Dom teased in his latest byte.


I did notice that Clash seems to have attracted quite a few popular ex-Viners, and even a bunch of Byte Partners (all who have been given verified checkmarks), some of which are posting more on Clash than on Byte where they are getting paid. Maybe Clash is also paying them, I have no idea. Triller has attracted a bunch of top TIkTok creators, how I have no idea.

It’s possible these apps are able to attract more creators because they actually have people who do outreach and cultivate their creators. This is something I feel Byte is not very good at, and I’ve been trying to make them aware of this for months. Byte has the better app and already has a fantastic and dedicated core of creators, but takes them for granted a bit and does little to no outreach. Their approach is reactive instead of proactive. If Byte would just improve that aspect of their business model, shitty apps like Triller wouldn’t be getting more attention than they deserve.


Triller is doing 6 figures deals with A List celebrities. That’s how they get them.
I don’t think byte can afford this

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I’ll say this, while Triller is bigger right now, Byte is always the one trending on twitter after a tiktok ban. Yes they have A-listers, yes they have numbers, but it will get boring. A listers do not respond to fans hardly ever (if at all). Like previously mentioned, it is impossible to trend or be discovered. There are next to no search features. I think byte can still improve their search features with a better hashtag system. After that though, we’ll be well on our way to success imo


They spend that much?? How do they have that much money? No, Byte can’t afford to buy celebrities, and that would just be a waste of money anyway. Celebrities tend to suck all the oxygen out of any app where they show up.


as far as I can tell byte is the only app that is completely organic. people are on byte because they want to be on byte. we haven’t done any influencer deals, have done very little marketing, and don’t really offer any sort of carrot on a stick (is that the right approach? maybe not anymore, but it is our current approach)

@TomWho i think your feedback is good. i would say that we actually reach out more than any other app if you’re looking at proportional team size, but its less noticeable because a lot of our outreach is to people who already use the app rather than people who we might want to use the app. reactive might be the right word. the deficiency you rightfully point out might be because to date we haven’t hired many people to do it. we basically have one person doing it and they wear a lot of other hats in the company

i know that “small team” is a line we use a lot, and it is starting to become an excuse. now that things are starting to solidify we will probably reevaluate where it makes sense to bring on more people

triller raised $28 million their most recent round


I like byte.


Aside from the bugs, Clash seems to have already created an atmosphere of elitism/exclusivity by handing out verifications, favoring posts, showing followers, no re-clashing, etc.

FWIW, i’m very suspect of anything affiliated with Jason Nash (he’s financing it or whatever) but he was a joke thief and toxic personality on vine.

One of the main reason why big vine/tiktok folks didn’t take to byte is ego. They amassed their following elsewhere and here they kind of have to start from scratch. That’s one thing I like about byte (so far) is that it doesn’t (seem to) play favorites. Does it pander to the alt kids? Sure, but that’s business. But you see these folks come over from tiktok and shit on byte b/c everyone doesn’t kiss their ass. Clash seems to be be all about this ass kissery and therefore I’m a little suspicious…but maybe it’s me. I’ll try to give Clash a a chance though.

***There are exception to every rule. and larger creators on byte like Brock, Chris, or Jake seemed to post at least semi regularly, and we’re generous w/likes and comments.


@dom This is what I love about the app and makes it beautiful.




clash be like here have some money to promote our app that doesn’t work :smiley: :+1:


I mean, if nothing else, I’d go on clash to support my friends, so there’s that too


Organic is an excellent way to describe it tbh, because it allows the actual community to define what we want to be, to a point, instead of you telling us what to expect/do.
One of the main reasons outside of the obvious security risks that I never took my poetry to tiktok, and stopped using youtube is I felt- well, a little rejected by the platform.
Byte was the first time I was able to see a social media platform where I truly looked and saw a community which might accept and like what I did.
And this is partially how you’ve developed/focused the app in terms of feedback- but a large amount is also the people who’ve been attracted to the app.
It feels like- counter culture, a little bit. Like, genuine counter culture, not contrived.


I’m just hoping Byte is a place that differentiates itself from the tik tok clones. Where the focus stays on creations, creativity, originality. Because if it’s just like the myriad of other video platforms then there’s no real incentive for people to stick around. If tik tok doesn’t actually end up getting banned, then people will stay if they’re getting a different experience. I know I have both apps, but for different reasons.


I try to shy away from gassing up Byte too much anymore, just because…there’s this balance between participating in the community that’s here and also being healthily skeptical of all platforms.

That said, what I think Byte’s advantage is that I feel like it’s an original point of view where as all the other copycat apps are sort of chasing after where the ball has already been.

I think there’s the reality that the best, most creative product will always survive in the market, but feet-on-the-ground, it’s what at least is behind me “investing” in the app with my creative input.


A lot of platforms, including YouTube seem to cater to their top performers. When Vine first started everyone was equal and it was fresh. Then it became a popularity contest. Which is why I’m glad there’s no Follower count on Byte. People are still looking for fame or clout, but maybe that mentality can be shaken out with the right approach.


That will never happen. Fame will always be the goal. It’s what ALL creators want. Engagement and followers.
If you don’t care about “clout” and engagement why put out content you HOPE people will like?

Why don’t you just post your Content on an private instagram account where you get 0 eyeballs?

Because the end game is fame. fame on social media is a career.

Look at them kids charli and addison. They are A list celebrities at this point.
Tiktok means exactly 0 for them right now. They are hanging out in the Kardashian house for fucks sakes.

I get everyone on this forum promoting Originality , Positivity and other many good characteristics.

But saying Followers and engagement doesn’t matter? Stop the BS.

ANY 1 person on this forum , old or young , will swap places with Charli / Addison if they could right now.

EDIT : Another thing I missed out to include

YOU people here saying that the race to fame and the #1 spot shouldn’t exist on byte.

YOU ARE the same people posting questions on the forum like : how to get more followers ? Why do the average likes go down after a big user influx?

“CaN I PlEaSe get verifIEd Byte ? “

And here you are saying “fame” doesn’t matter.
Stop being hypocrites.


I would like an audience for sure. I’d say a good amount of creators want to reach as many eyeballs as possible. But for the sake of creation and being able to spread that creation. If you want fame and clout, then by all means go for it. A lot of people create as an outlet and aren’t trying to be the next sensation.


I wouldn’t. Not if I didn’t create something worth of merit for it.
You are right that as humans we crave attention and connection- but it differs from person to person. I know a lot of people who genuinely post really niche stuff publicly in the hopes of genuinely connecting with a small group of likeminded individuals. It’s public in the hope that they find their audience or their group of people- they don’t want to be mega stars.
I know a few people who’ve gone “viral” in one aspect or another- the overwhelming response from them is that actually, it kind of sucks being known for nothing, because it’s essentially impossible to recreate, people are assholes on the internet to you simply because you exist, and you get boiled down to one aspect of your existence. Now, keep in mind with them, financial boon didn’t come with their popularity, so that does change things a little.

I have no urge to be famous for fame’s sake. I do want to create something that outlives me and touches others, but whether I, as a person, get mega bucks and become a household name is really immaterial. This also differs from wanting attention and fame, or “clout” just for- existing.

I would also rather have a slightly smaller platform of folks genuinely engaged in my content and interested in my “art” than a larger audience of people who follow me simply because following me is the thing to do.