Byte Visibility Questions & Suggestions

Does a new byte appear in the home stream of everyone who follows that byter?

It just feels like this isn’t the case now, unless the majority of your followers are either
A) not logged in
B) not ever on the home page feed or latest bytes <possibly, is the HOME BUTTON the same feed as LATEST??>

Maybe HOME FEED is just bytes from people you follow and LATEST is every new byte?

Not sure how everything is weighted in terns of showing a byte to more people (rebytes/comments/likes, sure) but it’d be interesting if number of times one person watches your byte was a big factor, different weight based on if they follow you or not… the more they engage with you, the less weight… the least they engage with you more weight. Obviously this can be abused like anything, but if bots are mostly nipped, should be real people viewing and maybe this might already be a factor?

A lot of people are interested and/or enjoy content but are either passive or picky with how or who they choose to engage with. If I want to watch a byte 2 or more times, that’s a massive signal to me that it has value vs a like or rebyte or comment. Just my opinion.

I see some bytes with a hundred+ loops but 5-20 likes and 0-3 comments… either people watched it multiple times or it somehow got more visibility. Just a thought…

ORIGINAL = CREATOR MADE from scratch (mostly)
Not sure if there is a real good way for byte to determine if your content is truly made by you or not vs just knowing how much you filmed in aop vs uploading… that’s definitely tricky bc I don’t even know when I see a byte if that person actually made it, especially if they do not appear in that byte or their voice etc. and other factors. Sure there’s a place for meme pages but just think content made by the actual person should be weighted more too, tricky thing to figure out though.

Just think new bytes should have longer lives and more of a chance to be seen…
–RECENT with under 100 Loops <24-72 hours ago> from People you Follow / Mutuals
–RECENT with under 100 Loops <24-72 hours ago> from People who Follow You
–RECENT with under 100 Loops <24-72 hours ago> from People your followers follow
–RECENT with under 100 Loops <24-72 hours ago> from OTHER BYTERS

<this formula can be done with under 10 likes, 0 comments, 0 rebytes, etc>

Other ways to group bytes without picking a channel that could be interesting:
-Talking to Self & selfie Bytes
-Multiple Human Bytes
-No Humans (in these) Bytes

Side Note on features which may have been mentioned but would be epic:
Any type of reaction byte – maybe like a TT Duet, but much more involved potentially…
whether split screen, above or below, maybe superimpose your reaction into the byte as the new byte

These can show up under a new tab on reactor and original byter

*Comment byte reactions (but could make the comment section crazy, although people could rebyte them)

*DMs, but with the ability for creators to open up a video chat that can be used to make collab bytes
on the spot, the more you can fit into one, the cooler that byte can be and it would go on a collab tab on everyone who was in its profiles

*Pinned comments in threads and Pinned Bytes at top of profile

*Sort bytes on peoples profiles by oldest/newest, most rebyted, most liked, most commented, most loops

*Improved tagging… is this on purpose so we use reply? It’s frustrating when you start typing the name of the person but they disappear and you need to type almost their entire username to tag them, wish this was an easier process

*Notifications (in addition to when your byte makes spotlight, popular, new/trending, trends in a channel which has been suggested already) for someone rebyting as well as when your byte is saved or link copy/shared – this is anonymous and can stay that way with either ‘someone’ or when it hits 10 or 50 etc.
and/or show on the byte x saves, x copy links, x shares outside the app (and when you hit loop/star/other milestones)

*Way to know when one of our bytes has been publicly posted somewhere else on the internet… that would be cool to know and see just to thank whoever and interact, but might be hard to track & notify with a good system

Anything to increase visibility would be awesome! Let me know your thoughts and feedback on this stuff too. Do you agree, disagree, like or dislike?

Thanks for reading & Happy Byting! (fyi, im Matthew on byte)


Most of the suggestions or ideas were mentioned Engagement Megathread but however, I like how you went full In-depth to get creators content to get suggested/seen if it’s under a loop, likes, and etc


cool ty yea — that’s the most important part imo.
It’s weird how some bytes have hundreds, if not thousands of likes so far… and so many floating around with 0-20 likes etc.

Imo, it’s visibility more than quality, especially now in the early days… it’s also why I want someone else, especially a stranger watching your byte multiple times to be weighted more to help out… even more than a RB, Like or Comment.


I’ve noticed that are some content that gets hundreds if not thousands of likes; the content is recycled ideas or remake of viral memes.

Furthermore, there are plenty of talented creators that are out there pumping out original ideas and bringing in creativeness; those are a type of content I like to recognize, sometimes I rebyte for the content to be seen :rocket:.

But, again the same people I see trending in the categories with cringe videos/ideas. Maybe with the help of engagement groups.

I’m down to support any rising creators or new creators or struggling creators.