Byte Vids Ideas?

I’ve never asked this, what videos are you doing on byte? Go on, try and do the byte in text form, its really hard for me to make it make sense because its not a video.

But yeah, do you guys have really good ones? You don’t have to say it btw because its your own idea.


Please refrain from making multiple topics about the same content. For example, take this one @Yoshr made:

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How can I find it if it was made in like march or whenever?

oh ok. .

there are a few topics already covering this

such as: Is anyone else already planning the exact videos they'll make?

The keywords basically sum up what you need to find. It’s that simple. Have fun browsing!

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Thanks, I keep forgetting about`out the features.

No problem, it’s just like Google. When you input some data and search, it comes out with the relevant information. Information is basically data with context, which is what you’re searching for…

… And I’m getting too technical here :joy:


I may get a badge for doing this…hello

Nope, I must of already got that

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How bout you give us ideas of what kind you’d be making

Grandmas be like…

Eating supper…

Year, super wack, but in video form, its funny. It will be funny.

Not telling anyone my brilliant ideas :wink:


I’m honestly stoked for your ideas, Mason. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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I’m gonna kind of make a series that will be like, “quotes in real life!”

Ah, I see what you’re getting at.

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Same here… :smile:


Same. I got some really good ones. Actually I’m already filming some


Ayyy my first fan. And I haven’t made a single byte yet.

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