Byte videos aren't visible under (#SodaGang)

A couple of my friends (content creators) tired to upload byte videos tagged under the hashtag (#SodaGang) but videos aren’t visible. This way it’ll be easy to track our fellow creators that are part of the group.

Tested out different hashtags such as #AuthenticSoda and many more and it worked. However, we are trying to shorten the hashtag to something simpler.

Are there limits/restrictions to certain hashtags? or is this a bug? Or a certain amount of videos uploaded to the hashtag?



Maybe #SodaGang doesn’t work because Dom doesn’t condone things with the words ‘Gang,’ hence Gang Violence LMAO


Are you part of the #SodaGang :eyes::pleading_face:


So Does – #YangGang mean violence :sob: cc. @PlasticRice

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happens to the two hashtags in this byte too.

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My post got ignored but IDC at this point. I give up :persevere: just wanted an answer or some type of clarification!

i currently guess any hashtags with capital letters won’t work.

perhaps you could try #sodagang in your next byte post.


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Lol not only me who uses that tag many in my squad or part of #sodagang… trust me tired many ways :persevere::pensive:

But I’m :b:OOLIN’

hmmm, i think the hashtag #Sick in your latest doesn’t work either.

So this is major bug then :eyes:

does it work on your phone? i’m using android so no idea if it works on ios.

any hashtags with one capital letter or more won’t work. all with small letters work.

Nevermind it works

it doesn’t on android perhaps

Ahhhh so major BUG with hashtags— certain hashtags :eyes::worried: