Byte UX Designs & Ideas for Future Login Options

about the Byte App’s UX & Design Don’t they should be more Elegant and Pop Out?

Like The Current Design on v1.0.x is too Simple/Less Fancy/Elegant Elements are Missing.

can it be more Diverse in v2.0.x and v3.0.x? I was thinking about new UX Design for a while since I Downloaded this App Last Friday.

PS: Also for Future Login Options other Then Google we are Limited to Login Options.

Any Thoughts?



About the login situation byte is based on google cloud i believe. It’s also more secure that byte is on google log in instead of byte having their own login.


Totally agree with you about the loop count always being visible however, where can they put it without making the app look too cluttered? The top of a video maybe?


I’m not too sure. Maybe if you made an actual mock-up, we could actually see what it would look like.