Byte Usernames selling for $50.000

Yep , once again I was looking over on swapd to show the byte team how many usernames are being sold.

48 of actual famous people usernames : e.g eminem

I still wonder when will the byte team check my emails , and some action taken against this bad practice.


And no proof of them even owning the accounts, just claiming they do and will trade. Big eyes out for scams dont even think anyones really getting any of these.

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On the other hand, this also helps Byte become more successful. This was a big business for Instagram as well and drives a big factor in the app becoming successful as large business people and influencers move to the app to make money this way.

The way swapd works is , all transactions go through Escrow.
It’s impossible for anyone to get scammed on the marketplace.

So trust me , THEY DO OWN THEM.

There’s been property of over $500.000 successfully sold on swapd.

Damn, so if Byte likes this happening should we just hop on the trend?

They claim they don’t. But it’s yet to see any action taken by the team

this is gross. and more so that there is a literal forum about selling usernames…hope the byte team see this and protect all the usernames.


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I think the same with Instagram. They probably just put it there for legal reasons and in the case they might need it in their favor. Clearly they havent answered any of your emails so its in no way a priority or getting acted upon anytime soon


I emailed ALL available byte email addresses about 3 weeks ago.

They clearly state username hoarding and selling is against their terms and conditions.

However, still no action from them

oh wow😅
that’s odd, i wonder why that is :confused:

Lmfaoo… if someone ever pays $50k+ for a username… idk what to say :rofl: I doubt someone that desperate will not purchase…IRS gonna be on it!

I’m pretty sure byte is aware of this since it’s been brought numerous times but it’s a trap for anyone who purchases it.


It’s neither of these things. Definitely not a trap. Usernames get sold at all times on swapd. An instagram username was recently confirmed as sold for 500k$.

It’s a very lucrative business.
Byte is deffo not laying traps around , I know of a user that was sold and now used on byte.
The account is thriving with the new bought username

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but that’s not the right price for byte username, Instagram doesn’t give zero fs; however, it’s common b/c the market is huge whereas byte is small imo.

i agree it is a very lucrative business; im not saying byte is laying traps… I’m stating whomever purchase isn’t worth the investment b/c they might end up losing the @ name for shady purchase (if it’s against byte guidelines / TOS)

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That happens all the time, even on other apps

Yeah but the point is to get it to stop on byte

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honestly its only better for our community if it goes on. The people buying the accounts are great content creators that want good names, bigger community due to hype, and byte grows exponentially. I see no reason to stop it unless accounts are being botted or abused to a point where people are leaving the app.

It’s against the TOS.

Why allow this but if post Porn I’d get my account banned ?

They are both not-allowed in the terms of service.

I thought hoarding an actual person’s (celebrity or not username) is against the international internet rules. I’ve heard of hoarders buying internet website names to capitalize on a celebrity but lost there case in court because they were never going to use it. I don’t know if some of these people have enough money for legal challenges, because you’re going to expect alot of them soon

It’s all about non-trademarkable names that are being sold.

@memes @vhz and similar

What are you expecting, though? You have to remember that byte already owns this platform, so its not like they’re letting it happen. If the real person wants that name from byte, (and there’s verification now), i’m sure staff would happily step in to give it to them. The reseller, and the buyer are taking the risk (something staff can’t really control) but Byte controls its own platform.

do that :point_up: so its reported in-app (which could use a impersonation type of flag)

and this :point_up: