Byte traction

I don’t know if it’s just me but iv noticed the bytes on the popular and trending channel have gone down a lot in likes. The first few days they had 10s of thousands now the most popular is in the hundreds. Is there anything we can do to get more people to join or stay regular users? I really like the app so far I hope people give it a chance.


Same! Activity has gone down drastically. I heard that the creator program will probably bring a lot back so we’ll see :))


I think the reason it’s gone down so much is to do with the bot problem they fixed.

As for getting more people to join. That is going to take time but there have already been Byte compilations going up on YouTube which I am sure will help.

If we want to take it a step further, sharing not only our own bytes but ones we like to other social media channels would help in spreading the word, build intrest and get more people to join.


Yeah thats the main issue, also the content is too mainstream and only popular from rebyte for rebyte groups. The highest likes ive seen is 3.8k which is not bad. Also hype had died down too. Compilations, ads, and sharing content is what will help byte grow like you sakd.


I currently only have my videos posted on Byte, but how would I encourage people to move from lets say Tik Tok if the videos are already on Tik Tok?

Delay the content’s release date on every other platform is one possibility.

Any other suggestions?


Given the fact that TikTok does allow for slightly longer videos (and currently have a few extra features), they could always promo a part of it here or do a behind the scenes bit for a TikTok (works for YouTube and IGTV content as well).

Maybe Dom could look into doing a partnership with Adobe’s Premiere Rush program (it’s Premiere Pro but simplified for social media specific videos that you can even get an app on your phone) and the hype from that could help bring users to Byte.

Edit: I’ve also seen people make bytes negatively targeting TikTokers so content like that isn’t going to make it any easier to get people’s from TikTok to Byte.