Byte thread

This was mentioned before but expounding on the idea that Bytes could reply to Bytes why not allow for a Byte thread where Bytes and replies could be viewed in sequence

This could bring collabs to series format

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this sounds cool but what would you do to prevent feeds from getting too cluttered or finding out who your talking to etc.

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I’m thinking more of like what Twitter is doing with its threads… Clicking a tweet there shows a scroll of responses


True but wouldn’t it potentially clutter the comments though? It sounds like a great idea but the only problem is clutter. twitter has tons of room to do threads because you are just typing but here on byte it’s full screen video and something like threads would be hard due to clutter. If it weren’t then youtube would have threads too.

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Yeah its too complicated to work

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I personally like this idea but i think there shouldn’t be replies from other people but a thread of bytes from one creator. Have one byte be like a trailer if you will, click on the byte to see the long form (could double the time limit to 32 seconds or 64). This would be very beneficial especially for the visual effects creators seeing as they spend a lot of time and effort for something as short as 16 seconds.

I think there’s an easy solution. Add another tab to the comments view that lets you see byte replies.


Ooo that’s interesting