Byte, The app!

Hi guys, its me! I just wanted to say I am so excited for this new app called byte! I don’t know where the name came from or how Dom thought of it but I like it, it just sounds professional you know. But I am excited and I want to go all out, and I’ve never gone “all out” before or anything like that. I have so many ideas and I am so proud to be apart of this forum.

I know you can do it Dom! We all do!

-Nathan J


I may be MagicalByter. We’ll see.

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Are you gonna make all your followers dissapeaaar

Jk haha make sure to get the @magicalbyter name down before someone goes for it


Lol, maybe I’ll do loops like Zach King did, I dont know yet.

I wish there was like a reserve name feature.


Yeah dude!! U hyped for the future!!!???

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Buddy, it comes from GIGABYTE.

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Ohhh yeah. Its when I turn 18 too. I dont think this year was the best, I think it was the most boring.

i get that, but some cool stuff still happened

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