Byte Team Ranks/Levels

So we don’t really know all that much about teams, how many people can be in a team, if you’ll be able to follow/subscribe to a teams feed etc, however what about if teams could have different ranks!

Ty to @mort for the idea, figured I’d speculate a bit and make a sample idea of how it could work!

First of all to establish how teams would even be ranked, like Kylie suggested it could be based on average follower count, or if we’re given the option to follow teams as well as people, the team ranks could be based on the number of followers that a team has!

The idea of having team ranks is that it would give people something to work towards as a group rather than just as individuals, however team ranks could potentially unlock features for teams such as custom emblems, attaching merchandise links, and maybe even creator studios at some point in the future!

The names and follower count needed are just a rough idea, maybe there should be more ranks so that it doesn’t feel like such a long wait between ranks, and all of this does of course depend on what the actual user count of the app is!

Maybe these ranks could go alongside some sort of team partnership system, where teams can apply to become partnered, which could automatically unlock all of the team rank features. This would be useful if users who are popular on other apps were coming over to byte, and wanted to ensure that they would be able to use features they might not otherwise have access to!

What do you think about having team ranks? What other features could ranking up as a team include? Do you think these numbers are accurate? :eyes: All suggestions and feedback are of course welcome!


Where do these ideas just pop out of your head now, lol? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Wow everything you have on the byte team idea is so detailed.
One question: Is there some sort of team page where it shows the info of the team (just like profile, but for team) and then all the members’ bytes sorted from the most recent post?
If there is, well okaythen


lovely idea! just a tiny thing that appears probably inconsistent:

wouldn’t it be better if it were called “Diamond” instead of “Elite” since all the other ranks are named after minerals


Honestly there isn’t anything about teams at all yet, but I’d assume this will be a thing yeah.

I’d note that team pages shouldn’t have everything a user posts, only what they want to include in the group page. Just thinking about how vine was used, sometimes people would talk to their viewers through posts, wouldn’t want all of that going directly to a team page!


Noted. Thanks!

So it can be some sort of option if users wanna share their post on their team page?

But whatever the case, it’s okay, cool. I just love your ideas about byte teams :slight_smile:


I’d say that it should be optional whether or not a user wants to post each byte to their team or not!

Thank you very much, I appreciate that! :smiley:


Daniel the idea man :sunglasses::v:
Dom, hire him!:sob:


people do not forget about my idea which is that people could, as in YouTube, go to the profile and sort videos: old, new, most popular


Only problem is (for me at least) I always tend to go to the most popular yt videos, so the yt creator’s other videos don’t really get as much attention as it should get. I feel like that would kinda happen with byte, where some people would only look at the popular vines rather than seeing the other content creators have. (just my opinion! Idk if this is a true issue lol)


why is the top rank not called master?


stop right there, I know where this is going and I don’t like it


Ranks and levels seems like it would be slight competition. Which im sure most people would rather use it for leisure than focus on competition and wanting to level up. Some people care for ranks in things to much, as an example look at discord in many servers people get angry when someone is ranked higher. For example someone could focus more on leveling up rather than making genuine content. But this is just my opinion :sunglasses:


Agreed, I feel like it would take away from the content and turn byte into a popularity contest


platforms like youtube already have this kind of thing, and all it does is reward you for hitting milestones :eyes:


But content quality drops


I agree with @devynb. Ranks are fine for video games, but seem out of place on a creative platform like Byte. Otherwise, the truly creative people get drowned out by those willing to spend time gaming the system to get ranks and badges that have little to do with encouraging creativity.


Actually, Byte will be a popularity contest, but the people who become popular should be those making creative content, not those who gain a certain level or badge. At least I hope that’s how Byte will work.


The ranks don’t determine your following. It’s not like gaining a rank would change how popular your bytes are, it just shows when you reach certain requirements


i think the numbers should be lowered a little