Byte team look at this ( Strict posting rules )

I really believe Byte can get huge, but we can’t have the same problems like
Tiktok. Where people keep reposting content because it constantly gets deleted. Having the freedom to post whatever we want would be amazing, of course with some exceptions. I know this is complicated and even YOUTUBE has this issue some times. But being able to give people the security that what they are posting is fine, will bring more content creators on board. I remember when musically blocked people doing belly dances. They basically lost half of their creators. And then tiktok came along and dark humor started. And now they are blocking this type of comedy because people get offended and people are starting to get annoyed. But yea my thoughts. Think about it. This is also how vine died. It was a free world at first, then restrictions came a long really fast. Then people started panicking and spamming ads. To make as much money as possible. And basically ruined the app. We need a complete rule book from the start, so people know what they can post and not.


honestly no one reads the “terms and conditions” i just scroll down and click agree


@devynb does :eyes:


I understand your concerns but we’re in good hands. :+1:
I honestly believe Byte will change the paradigm of how social media apps are handled.

Ever since the forums began, the Byte team has listened to our comments, questions and concerns.
And the #ByteTeam and the #ByteFam are so close that it feels like family.

And as a Beta tester I see the app getting better everyday. Soooo whatever TikTok drama/BS is going on ain’t got nothing to do with us. :100:


Ya lo sabes :sunglasses:


TikTok people repost a lot because the algorithm doesn’t pick it up and suggest it a lot, not as much because of deletion


honestly i do lol, what? i like to be informed.


Freedomis a problem… someone can learn about that


Well ByteDance is a Chinese company, in a communist country where there is censorship so they remove a lot of stuff based on those values, Byte, Inc is based in NY, so it’s American :joy: usually American social media is better about keeping censorship rather fair (with a couple exceptions in YouTube and Twitter who are both on a censorship craze especially recently)


@Insyde Social media is a stressful job, YouTube has all these different laws from hundreds of different countries that they need to abide by making it harder to run your business & platform. Like EU’s Article 13, it’s not just a threat to them but also to fellow Americans & Canadians in NA etc.


Yes I know, I agree it’s hard juggling all those regulations.

But there are things they are censoring that is not something that is required by regulations, such as crypto related stuff and political stuff.


I believe that there should be strict rules against posting NSFW related content. I have just come across an account (devanteoutlaw) with two NSFW posts on my second day of using this app.

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Yeah I second this. Lots o porn

Really? I have yet to come across any porn ;-;

Yeah ive seen 4 or 5. On the global feed