Byte taking too much of storage bug

So from the launch of the app Byte app size is usually 30-36MB but after sometimes it becomes 1Gb - 3GB. Due to that the app gets crashed. I tried everything clearing cache and everything but nothing works only thing that works is when you reinstall the app but then again after 2-3 days it starts increasing its storage I just reinstalled the app yesterday it went up like 700MB today. Can we put some option to clear the memory ?

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I don’t think this is a bug — but I cleared cache. Can you provide a screenshot? — go to Settings press clear cache and it worked for me! (I didn’t uninstall the app)

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I just cleared it again so from 700 it went 719

Are you on the latest update… that’s weird – you don’t have the “offload app” ?:thinking:

I am on the beta @Pac

Use the iPhone haptic touch to bug report – “feedback”

But do you have enough storage??

I don’t use beta :pleading_face:

My phone is almost full :joy: