Byte T shirt Giveaway!

Okay since I have been seeing some pretty good things lately and I am closing in on 300 followers I have decided to do my first ever giveaway to give back to those who have helped me make it this far! I have been using my free time over the weekend to make some byte shirts and hoodies and decided to make one to give out to someone! So I have decided once I hit 300 subs (which is very close) or maybe sooner… who knows… I will be choosing at random out of my follower’s list one person to receive this byte t-shirt! I will be picking people out tomorrow and will find a way to message you so I know where to send the t-shirt. You can enter by following me here

Well, good luck and I hope whoever gets this shirt will love it because I put a lot of work into it! I hope to do more giveaways like this in the future and hopefully bigger prizes to give back to those who truly appreciate my hard work and dedication! Thank you have a nice day!

~ Shadowminer


Epic :star_struck:

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wow it looks really good!

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thank you!