Byte Suggestion:


• Everyone on Byte knows you can search usernames but you can’t search hashtags, keywords or bytes in general! I think it would be a great improvement to the whole of the Byte!

• On Byte, only the owner of a page can see their follows/loops I propose all follows/loops go public!

• Maybe @dom could make a website were people could donate money so then Byte won’t experience the same sad fate as Vine. Also, with a bigger budget, @dom could add more features it byte, which brings me to my next point.

• Byte should have a messages features so then Byters alike could communicate easily! I’m sure there would be a lot more collab Bytes!


changing this to #idea! :slight_smile:

(dms are going to be a thing eventually)

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Great! I’m really happy to hear!

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Don’t worry, most of those features are coming later! Searchable hashtags shouldn’t be far behind, I believe (I have no info on it though), and DMs have been mentioned as one of the things they’ll add down the road.

Follower and Loop counts will, at some point, be available to place of your profile. It won’t be a default, just something you can choose to show. Also they have said we shouldn’t worry about the app getting budget, the team has their plans for that.


I’m glad!